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Welcome to Varde



Varde is a scandinavian word for the landmark built of stones that gives travellers an idea of where they are and what direction they can take to continue their travel. This photo of a varde is a modern composition based on the ancient varde that sits on the side of Ørnafjell (Eagle Mountain) in Bergen, Norway.

Three of the writers in this page came from Las Islas Filipinas, found the country where they belong, then met each other in cyberspace . We did not need a varde to find each other, or maybe we did not see that we were following the one varde that led all three of us to that fork in the road that leads to Inang Bayan. This page is the varde we are building for our countrymen who want to travel the same road with us, for a while, or for always.

The fourth writer, Gene de Loyola, is a Filipino artist in the art of painting who was one of the awardes in the 2003 Huwaran Pilipino Awards, presented by the Huwarang Pilipino Foundation. His paintings and writings can be viewed in the page "Galleria ni Don Genaro".

Our special thanks to Ian James Andres who arranged the midi file for "Lagi Kitang Naalala". As all other kundimans, this composition by Leopoldo Silos, expresses the love for one's native land, more poignant perhaps for us who, having given our allegiance to another flag, cannot but feel the pain of the longing in the song....

"Lagi kitang naalala, kahit na pilitin kong limutin ka.
Sa aking puso ay nakalarawan, pag-ibig mo lamang!

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